Let’s ask What Love Is? – By Rabindranath Tagore (loosely interpreted and translated from Bengali, by Dola Dasgupta)
I ask you, my friends,
What is Love?
I ask you, my friends,
What is anguish?
I hear you all say,
Night and Day.
I love, you love
We love.
I ask you my friends,
Is it full of pain?
Is it only tears?
Is it a sigh of sorrow?
Then why, may I ask?
Out of what joy?
One wishes for such agony!
In my eyes, all is beauty,
All is new, all is pure.
The blue sky, dark forest,
White full moon, tender blossoms.
They laugh, they play,
They wither, like I do.
They know no pain,
They know no grief
They know no anguish of desire!
Blooms dry smiling,
The moon wanes with a smirk.
Twinkling stars vanish
With the advent of dawn.
No one is happier than I,
Come to me, Oh my friends!
Listen to the songs,
Of a joyful heart.
For every day that you cry
Keep a day for laughter.
One day maybe, we shall
Forget the grief, the pain
Melancholy, and sing together.
A song of joy!