I was part of a dance therapy circle last evening with some nice people. Many I knew intimately and were close friends. The facilitator took us through some movement work with eyes closed and no music. After the exercise she asked the circle to express what everyone felt or experienced. I stayed silent. I have been dancing since I as a child. Dance and rhythm come spontaneously and naturally to me. I can dance with or without music. I feel the music inside me, the beat in my heart, the movement in my limbs and hips. It comes on its own. I stayed silent as, I have been observing lately, when we are naturally flowing in some areas, it is better to be quiet for the sake of others who are feeling inhibited in those areas. I so wanted to share what I was feeling, but I chose to stay quiet, as sharing one’s authentic joy often makes many sad, that has been my experience.

We feel we are inspiring, but we do not realize that we are perhaps overshadowing those who need to come out in the center or out of their closets. No one overshadows intentionally, it just seems like that to those who are struggling in their painful shadows. It also makes many avoid you. Is that living small? Have any of you felt this way? To be aware of one’s own prowess and not yield it or yield wisely and compassionately or tenderly or in measures, is that being dishonest?

To take one self out of the limelight so that only light remains and falls on those who need it the most. Does that makes sense to anyone? One lady with physical disabilities was asked to move with eyes closed, she shared how frightened she felt given her challenges and so she gave up and then she sat down and remembered a line from the Bible, which went somewhat like this: Be still and trust that the Lord is moving you. She had tears in her eyes which she held back from falling. I wanted to be still for her, I didn’t want to dance for her, but still I danced as the lord made me move.  What could I do?