Recently, a very young woman, a relative, killed her herself, leaving a three-year old child and a four-year old marriage behind. Her parents, husband, brother, cousins are devastated, as the police found only a note which said, “I hold no one responsible for this action of mine. I don’t want to live anymore”.

She left home saying she is going to work and when she did not return from work, her husband called office. The office people said she never turned up. He went down to check the car. And there she was lying dead next to the car. She had jumped from the roof of her apartment in East Delhi, a part of Delhi which has many apartments that house the growing working middle-class of India. Strange how no one noticed or heard anything for so long. The face of India with no eyes on the streets!

The parents where sharing their grief around her ‘unfair’ death. They are feeling left out from her life, and her mind and heart. They are feeling like strangers to their own daughter, who never told them what was going on in her life. For the parents, it is feeling unfair to be left out of their daughter’s difficulties, sadness, depression or whatever the heck it was that drove her to commit suicide. They want to know why she killed herself. They want to enter her heart and understand her and truly see her, NOW, that she died without a word

Robin Williams, the funniest man onscreen kills himself out of depression. The media says things like, “Bipolar behavior, fighting drug abuse, sadness behind a joker…etc” And then one common line is “What a tragedy to do die so for a man who made us all laugh?” I wonder if he was NOT so sad and depressed as he was, would he be immortalized as one of the greatest performing artiste of our times? Was his depression the creative field from which the arose his laughter and jokes?” Robin Williams’ is dead, punished for being sad and depressed. Another reason attributed to Death.

I watched this wonderful film Griefwalker.. The Griefwalker, Stephen Jenkinson, enables people to accept death quietly and peacefully. His gestures, his voice, his eyes, his walk, his leaking canoe, his native rituals, everything shows a man at ease with life and death, not seeking any reason for either.

I feel as human beings we all seek REASON for life and death. What is the reason for life and what is the reason for death?

This is the eternal question that is at the root of all our quests and seeking.