Love for me is holding guard with a sheet when I need to pee during picnics in semi-rural wilderness or watching out for bystanders, when I change my clothes after a swim. Driving one way and then letting the other drive the way back. I am sorry if that sounds crass and unromantic, but love for me is in the sharing of mundane, dirty, routine, boring, cyclical, burdensome chores and situations of life with another. After we have done all this, it feels awesome to sit with drinks, with feet up, some nice music on, and look at the night sky together and rejoice in the silence, small talk, naturally reaching out and touching the other, with no particular agenda. Or just sleep with warm bodies cuddled up next to each other. Or sharing space, doing our creative stuff. When all this is present, I feel sexy enough to make love. I am sorry but I live in the real world, where lovers fart and have nose bleeds, and women have body odor and find no time to shave and kids poop and pee, and don’t want to sleep in the night:) How unromantic does that sound?;)