I wanted to share my experiences here as a single parent. I feel balance is always there for the children in both parents playing some role that the other is unable to play, and when one parent is missing due to death/separation/or choice/or other calamities of life, some other energies make up for that balance…isn’t it?

I look closely at my life with my children and see the ‘involved and present dad’ energy has been taken care of by many of my friends..if not in male Dad form always…but in female form also…or by other older kids…sometimes in the form of visiting males in our lives..including my ex-spouse or my sister or my mother or my best friends male and female. I am trusting life a little bit more each day and moment and breathing a sigh of relief..I feel it is the energy that the kids need..it can come in any form. If not constant. But spread out.