Popular thoughts, dictates, reasons, moralities, notions, norms, conventions, conditions have a resounding voice, have a tight hold and grip over the individual’s psyche. These are all heavy weights sitting on a person’s heart, not allowing it to breathe easy. Listening to them is seemingly easy way to live. But the price for that is degradation of the soul, of humanity. Giving undue importance to these is the murder of one’s own heart ruthlessly and letting it bleed venom. It creates loneliness as one is forcing oneself to be among those who have no clue as to what makes the heart soft, tender and supple. Going with the majority makes one liked and very safe materially, but at the cost of self-hatred and insecurity born of lack of self knowledge needed to walk through life and its inherent suffering. And that is the anger one inflicts on others. Living according to these is death of LOVE, COMPASSION and CREATIVITY…The three key ingredients to a non-violent and peaceful existence.