Even though I do not comment much on politics, national or international, today I felt the need again. I have done so much of that in my early days..as journalist and then later as spouse of an environmental journalist..and as daughter to a father who was like all good Bengalis, politically ‘enlightened’:)..for years I got fed up and tired of the futility of it all..But today my heart as only one prayer for Barack Obama…”Please step down, resign and do not let your soul carry the burden of the impending bloodshed. And be remembered as the President of the United States of America who showed his middle finger to Uncle Sam’s gruesome poster face asking you to join war..Please uphold the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr, riding on whose faith on non-violence and peace and equality, you were seated where you are today. Step down before you are forgotten as the man who betrayed. Step down before your colored brothers and sisters hide their faces in shame and guilt of having chosen you..step down to preserve the dignity of humanity. You cannot stop the bloodshed..but you have a right to not be the one raising the flag for the launch of it..Step down with head held high, pack your bags and leave the cruel alleys of politics and power..They might assassin you for it..So be it. Your destiny lies not in complying but in defiance. This is the moment of glory that you were born for. See it, recognize it and act on it.”