Change yourself..change myself..We all hear all this all time.Well here is a confession..After much self flogging, self discovery, self retribution, self forgiveness..I see that it is not about changing that which has been so tough to change. But to see and accept deeply, that, what we thought we needed to change, is unchangeable. To accept, that, there are one or two core essentials about oneself that can never change, no matter how hard we try.

We want to change that because it caused us caused us betrayal, it got us into trouble may be..But that is because the whole world around us tells us to be something we find hard to be, to start with..That is the starting of the wounding..The eternal game of suppression, repression and wanting to change…The real transformation happens when we accept quietly and silently that somethings about me were not meant to be changed at all..They were meant to be looked at, nurtured and understood and made to shine out into the world..

The journey is not about changing oneself, but of coming home to the unchangeable in each of us. When the veil of shame, guilt, fear and niceties and people pleasing persona fall away and the real self emerges as the unchangeable self, that is unique and essential to the evolution of consciousness on this human realm, one has come home to one self.

So dive deep to find that unchangeable in you and give up and let go of all seeking to change yourself in relation to the outside world. Nothing lies there..absolutely nothing…but reflections of that which you are hiding so hard to keep away from the gaze of the world!