Posting a poem by my dear friend, mentor and guide, Biren Shah, who has suddenly sprang up from beneath the rocky earth to rush through pebbles that gurgle when sweet water rush through them in urgency.

you sit on the precipice
of your darkest and dirtiest
of their primal pull

the steep drop,
into them,
is not meant to be looked
with a stolen
sideways glance
or explored
step by miserly step

your fantasies call out to you
let go! jump!
raw and defenseless;
unprepared you need to come!

they call out to you;
allow those thousand hands
to feel you as they roam,
and those searching tongues
to explore you as they foam;

allow them
to tear you open;
to explode you,
not into a million pieces;
but to turn the every other
for whom you lust,
and every concept and form
into divine cosmic dust.

when you explode
into, and as, the orgasm
you will see
you are simply
this exploding universe.