Some like Milkha Singh find the path through violence, death, pain  and physical exertion, some like Mira Bai through Bhakti and Vairagya, some like HH the Dalai Lama through gyana and contemplation. All of this meets at one point in the inner world slowly and patiently, step by step..and sometimes in a flash. Separation is there so that we understand oneness through duality. Siva understands the world and its working through Shakti. And Shakti understands nothingness and silence through Siva. But we all need a start line…and that start line has also been provided to us by the Universe. Heeding to that core message is the key to one’s heart and soul. Clues to the start line unique to each of us are strewn all around us in various forms…A Guru simply helps us to look at the clues and gives a process to access those clues..and then it is up to us to find the key! No one can say what works for me will also work for you. But Universe is kind and does not leave us alone. It sends soul groups, souls with similar paths so that we can support and mirror each other and show light to each other. That is why we feel deep connect with some people. That is why our skin tingle when some people touch us. That is why our heart beats faster when we meet some people. That is what we call LOVE in this world and it is important to pay heed to this in it is hidden the codes of our soul’s unfolding. Saints and mystics call it attachment..and it is, as through these attachments we learn the meaning of detachment..detach our souls from stickiness of all kinds…Of course the path is strewn with pain and pleasure both..and then slowly we move towards beyond and then beyond..Some are born with the conscious awareness of the knowing of the beyond. They are enlightened beings who come back as Bodhisattvas. Some like me have to work our way through to reconnect with the presence of the beyond. And manifest the Bodhisattva in oneself that one is meant to be. We are all Buddhas..It is just that we are not aware.