Can someone please explain to me ‘how not to experience?” And what it means to “not seek experiences?” And is it important to go to a restaurant and look at the menu and then order..or order white bread and water no matter what? Or is it better not to go to the restaurant at all?

I recall when I was in college in Delhi, my buddies and I had empty pockets. But nevertheless we wanted to have meals in Five star hotels. The Sheraton was a walking distance from my college. So we walked and entered the lobby coffee lounge..which in those days kept rolls, and cubes of butter on each table. And no one charged you for it. So we sat for a while and had a few of those and left. Very triumphant! Then walked back to our college and had the five rupee chai at the college canteen run my a Lord Venkateswara devotee…The five stars soon found out that paupers like us were misusing the loop hole and stopped keeping bread on table and instead kept a menu card!

Later when I started working as a journalist I got invited to press conferences each day to a different five star hotel of Delhi and was served the best spread of food and drinks. I got invites to attend and write about French, German, Italian, Spanish, Middle-Eastern food festivals. I was served the best of wines and pastries and cheese. I soon lost interest in five star food. And came home to my mother’s kitchen, skipping the food served at the five stars. Does that ring any bells with you enlightened people? 🙂