Some of us are born in light, of light, and often do not see or acknowledge or feel compassion for darkness. Some of us are born in darkness, of darkness and see light as a dream. But I have seen how those who have known darkness value light more and those who have known only light scoff at or are fearful of darkness. Both are present in equal intensity in this world..I read a story of the Buddha recently..

***A criminal and very savage man had heard of Gautama Buddha and wanted to see him for light. He knew if he entered the gates openly he would be killed or thrown out. So he scaled the walls and sneaked in. But people recognized him and beat him and threw him out and called him all horrible names. The Buddha was fortunately not inside the meeting. He was returning from his daily begging when he saw this man outside the gates and he was banging his head to the wall. The Buddha stopped him and asked him why was he doing this. The man said I want to die if I cannot meet the Enlightened. I want to be enlightened. The Buddha took him inside and asked Sariputra, why did he throw this man out. Sariputra said, he had committed savage crimes from 80,000 lifetimes. How can he see light? The Buddha said, his urgency is much more than yours..Take him in. And in seven days that man attained to enlightenment..The Buddha explained him that “your darkness is not as heavy as his…that is why your urgency for Enlightenment is not so passionate as his. You have only known light so how can you want enlightenment as badly as this man wants it”…****

Be kind to your own darkness, see it, acknowledge it, be kind to other’s darkness, see it, acknowledge it…Then admit it and allow the other space to admit theirs..that is compassion…Light is easy..anyone can have that…It is embracing darkness in oneself and others that is tough…real tough..Takes many lifetimes..understand this deeply!