Sexuality unresolved is the sum total of all disharmony within and without. What one sees outside is the fragmented being one is within oneself. Scientists have already broken down forms, animate and inanimate to its smallest particle..which is the atom. It has been proved that we are all just different compositions of the same energy and matter. Then why is there so much disharmony? Each of us is a battery with a plus and minus point. That is sexuality, two energies opposite to each other but can work in harmony only when they realize their true nature. The battery can function in healthy way only when the plus and minus points connect to the circuit. Till our inner circuit is not complete, we will continue to attract it from outside. Like attracts like not the other way. If the masculine point is not functioning to its full potential in a female body then it will attract that from outside and vice verse.

Human beings have what is called the mind. Mind is an accumulation of old impressions. It is like a memory chip which has been storing sensory memories for thousands of years. The mind, it is said is as old as the life on the planet itself and beyond it too. The mind is full of images that trigger old fears in the body. Similarly it also has stored images that trigger violence and rage. It also has images that invoke good feelings and bad feelings.

The feminine mind is full of memories of oppression. The feminine mind is carrying sensory images of age-old exploitation and violence against the female species. The same way the masculine mind is carrying memories of violence, domination and subjugation of the feminine. Spiritual masters and mystics say that the body dies but the memories of the soul get imprinted in the mind. The mind does not die. It is waiting to get inserted into the body again.

Sometimes the body of the human being may be of a man, but his mind might be carrying memories of a feminine incarnation and vice verse. Since time immemorial there have been very few minds that have integrated the masculine and feminine within, this world continues to give birth to imbalanced minds. A mind that is either overtly masculine or overtly feminine. Now unfortunately both are wounded and damaged for eons.

The only way to return to harmony and balance of the feminine and masculine is to kill the mind, as it serves no one with old memories. The inherent nature of the mind is emptiness. In its original seed form it is formless and clean with nothing on it. Like a disc that has not yet been formatted.

One way to return to this original state of emptiness is meditation and deep contemplation on the nature of the mind. As prescribed by Buddhism.

The other way is to see that there is something beyond the mind. The soul that uses the mind to learn and grow and seek balance. The way to the soul is also through meditation as prescribed by Tantra or Advaita philosophy. Where the soul purifies itself of the minds hold on it and frees itself of all delusions of fears and self-doubt. The purification of the soul brings it back to its original impression-less state where there is only energy and no form of feminine or masculine. Pure energy is neither man nor woman. It is then the same energy that creates and destroys the Universe and the cosmos itself. That is when duality ends and oneness begins.

Between the journey from duality to oneness is a path full of challenges and obstacles that come in the form of anger, rage, greed, lust, envy, jealously. It is the journey of the soul. And what each one of us see around us and get attracted to or repulsed by are indications to what point of the journey one is now located at.

One needs a Guru or master here to help decipher the hidden hints and signs. Once the guru shows the way, it is the task of the disciple to keep walking on the path, trusting that there is a divine plan that is unfolding all the time.

Who is the Guru? Only a future self of one’s own present self, showing one where one needs to go. That is why in Hinduism every close encounter is taken as a Upaguru, the teacher closest to one. That teacher may be in the form of an enemy or lover. That teacher may be brutal or kind. It all depends on what the soul needs to learn at that point of time. Each self we meet is a reflection of our current selves.

So if as a female incarnation one finds oneself in situations where there is sexual violence and repression playing up, it is because that incarnation needs to see how within, the energy is lop-sided and heavy on the masculine side which is causing destruction of the feminine energy. And vice verse.

One needs to move from the biology of the body to subtler bodies where wisdom is present. What we see today in this world is a white movie screen playing the shadows of our inner film on a light projector?

Damini, Nirbhaya is the heroine of this inner play and the rapists are the demons that are running amok within each one of us…The movie of the gang rape we are watching is the reality we are each creating with our deluded thoughts and impure intentions.