All our lives we try this and that. Some things work out some don’t. Work, careers, relationships, new ventures, new ideas..what not. The difference between one who focuses more on what worked and one who focuses on what didn’t is huge. When we have stopped beating ourselves black and blue for all the stuff that didn’t work out the way we thought it would or the way others in our lives expected it would, we can actually start to live with love.

It is very very important to stop and really slow down to take a closer look at one’s life till this moment. When we do that we see how we have been hard on ourselves because of the way somethings turned out or didn’t. Never once giving it a thought was simply meant to have been so. The paranoia of existence is that each one of us are trying extremely hard to give meaning to all that transpires throughout our lives. And more often than not we are unable to really get it.

Life is unfolding for each one of us and we think that we have the remote control and try to micromanage each and every situation. And then get all flustered and exhausted that despite the all the effort we out in, life stole the thunder from us.

The key to all answers, the Gurus say lies within each one of us. But how many of us are really within. We are all out there on the periphery when the real stuff is at the center of our own being. Life is unfolding from the center, the hub, the source. But we are forever away from the center. And therefore it seems there is eternal chaos in our lives.

The way is to just stop and turn the senses of perception from what is attracting or repulsing us from the what is drawing them to us from the inside. The benefit of this process is that…in the inside, one has only one person do deal with and that person is one oneself. So it is easier. trust me it is. But if we keep our focus on all that drama and the characters playing in that drama that goes on out there, then it is going to be very very tough. Because then you got to be super efficient and almost superman-like and keep lists, make points, analyse, draw up many assumptions and presumptions and imagine things with the limited mind, when some of the stuff that goes on out there is beyond rationality.

The fatigue, the exhaustion, the depression, the chronic paranoia that we all suffer from are stemming from this process of living from the outside. And the outside can never be controlled to suit our needs…never. So please make your life easier if not more exciting and thrilling..but surely more peaceful, manageable and fulfilling, by simply going in and taking it all from there.

Understand who you are and then from that understanding go outside and relate with the world. The difference is significant. Take a few moments each day to just be with yourself, alone, with one’s own mind and you will see that the mind is like a repeat telecast of the same old soap opera that you have watched since childhood. And soon you will get bored of the mind and its same old stories. Then one day you will get disgusted with it and a loud cry from within you will rise. This rising will cut the mind into shreds and send it back to where it belongs, nowhere into nothingness. And then a deep rest will start to dawn on you. The residue of the old mutilated mind will sometimes move its tail like the tail of a lizard when it detaches from the body, but you will now know and see with a new clarity, that it is not part of the main anymore…