Leaders and followers and the dance within!
I am part of many groups which have members who are breaking free from age old conditioning and often like me find it tough to go past old resistances of the mind. Someone use the word MANTHAN in the group…which my dear friend Hema clarified as being a process of churning, deep contemplation, and analysis of facts leading towards a goal for solutions or conclusions. It could be a process that is individual in nature or of the group. And according to me it might take a long long time…or can be over quickly…So after much manthan..this is what came up from my deep sea bed!!
The things about most of us in a group dynamics are these:
1. We are still conditioned to look for leaders who can lead.
2. and NOT to undermine that too…some of us are more comfortable when led…but then a huge degree of surrender is needed…complete trust and faith in the ones who are leading…and that surrender comes when one is surrendering to a higher purpose and not to the person…letting go of his or her own SELF and that of the leaders…..and embracing the highest good and purpose!
3. but the flip side of wanting to follow a PERSON OR GROUP OF PEOPLE is this….your own soul calling is somewhere compromised…if wanting to follow is coming from a space of fear and insecurity…and lack of trust and faith in one’s own convictions and choices…
4. The leaders also need to look deep within themselves and see two things:
—— Are they wanting to lead because they love to lead people.and have a fan following..of men and women..who keep saying to the leader “Oh you are so generous…oh you are so wise…oh you always say the right thing…oh you are a pioneer…oh you never judge…oh you never say one nasty thing to us….”(FROM EGO) it is all coming from a place of wanting to please people and always have a number of people who think “he or she is so kind and good….It amounts to lack of self worth in the leader himself or herself…be cautious of such leaders…they can never walk with you all the way…And the Leader be aware of the true intentions! Really examine…
——-  Then there is another kind of leaders….Men and women people are getting drawn to by itself since they perhaps now stand for something larger than their own Selves…(FROM SELFLESSNESS) Go for such people..they will walk with you no matter what…even when they say the harshest of things to you..and seem like they are judging you….to shake you stir you churn you and also wake you up a bit from deep slumber!
5. If the person wants to lead from the first place of Ego then…high chances are that the leader herself will get manipulated by her own impure intentions or impure and confused intentions of the followers!!!
6. But if it is from the second place…then the discernment is very accurate…Like Shiva’s discernment…after the MANTHAN…I am using this only as a metaphor and not for religious reasons (please do not misunderstand me)….
7. If one has a trait which likes to lead…then be aware of the weakness of that too….if one likes to follow…then be aware of the weakness of that too…that according to me is discernment….and a group or partnership that is committed to co-evolving and co-creating..(sounding like my dear friend Kiran when using the ‘co’ words, he loves this prefix!)