Ubuntu means ‘I belong to you’ in a native African language. My dear friend, who was in South Africa, shared with me recently.

I love the way my whole mouth needs to make a round to say this word…Try it  and see, it is like making a pout to kiss! Very erotic indeed.

How often have any of us really said this to anyone? I know I have not. Mostly out of fear that if I did, I would be caged, or used or abused. Basically I feared that I would be owned.

And guess what that is exactly what happened many times. But if the African natives are saying it so beautifully then it must not be so bad to belong isn’t it? If one can forget the words “belong to” in case of many Africans meant to be owned by slave owners who ravaged that country.

Well they still use it, which means they have firm trust in Ubuntu. It is a word that evokes primordial desires in me. It stirs my soul. It sets me free to be able to see clearly that now that I am free from many delusions, I can fearlessly say this to someone…”I belong to you.”

I am able to see how because I disowned my true self and was separated from my true nature, I was a prisoner of my own device. And it is so easy to imprison a prisoner isn’t it?

Love sets one free to love freely. It is an honor to be able to love so..that one may proclaim to another…UBUNTU…

But first say that to your Self…and then be free to belong to another…