Prayer for each day: “When a desire arises in me I offer it to the Universe, let the desire be taken care of, if it is for the well being of the Self, if it is not then take that desire away and dissolve it into the cosmos.”

Rumi says, ” The one who gives the thirst also gives water, if there is no water then the one will not give the thirst.”

The desire to have a particular outcome is the only stumbling block to the purest manifestation of that desire. Desires rise and fall from a field of intentions. The outcome is dependent on that field. It is like a fertile patch of land. The crop will be healthy if the nutriments that goes into that patch is healthy. The crop will nourish those who feed on it if the crop is growing from a pure and healthy field.

When a desire arises, acting on it immediately is not wise. It is wise to simply watch that desire for a while. Taking some time to examine the field of intention from which that desire is rising, is wise.

Intentions are often loaded with attachments. Attachments are in the form of greed  , lust and anger.

Let us examine greed…Greed for power, fame, name, money, a beautiful partner, great sex, an ideal life. These come dressed in the mask of altruism, martyrdom, love, ambition, self pity. The underlying intention here is often to LOOK GOOD.

Lust for the ideal life, for sexual gratification, for wealth, for adventure and excitement. These come dressed in the mask of idealism, love, new ventures and opportunities. The underlying intention is to feel IMPORTANT and SPECIAL.

Anger towards others and situations come dressed in the mask of self righteousness, judgmental attitudes of right and wrong, fear. The underlying intention is PEACE.

Now if I can examine the first intention of LOOK GOOD…I see how somewhere deep down I have a belief that I AM NOT GOOD. So I need to DO things to LOOK GOOD. Now it is important to really go into self inquiry as to why I believe that I AM NOT GOOD.

The second intention of wanting to feel IMPORTANT and SPECIAL is stemming from some belief which says to me…that I AM NOT IMPORTANT and NOT SPECIAL. And hence I need to DO things to feel important and special. So I need to go into self inquiry as to why I believe that I am not important or special.

The third intention of wanting peace is stemming from NO PEACE. Hence I DO things to bring peace or make peace. Somewhere I believe that I AM NOT IN PEACE or PEACE IS LACKING IN ME. So I need to go into self inquiry as to why I believe there is no peace in me.

I am seeing that my field from which all my doing and thinking is arising is based on some belief of lack. Why do I think and feel that my field is lacking?

Asking these questions in a loving way to one self can reveal much to one about the nature of our doing and thinking. It can reveal much to one about oneself and why one acts or thinks in a certain way.

I am learning that only an empty and fresh field can give give birth to anything that is original. A field that is not tilled can create a healthy new plant. Till that happens only imitations of that which was already created can happen.

That is not evolution or growth. That is repetition of that which already was. One is stuck in a rut. That is neither regression nor growth. It is a dog chasing its own tail, over and over again!

Take care of the intention and the desire takes care of itself. Attachment to a particular outcome is stemming from a particular intention. Purification of the intentions takes care of the manifestation of the desires.