The art of discernment is to examine the root of one’s actions. When making an important decision it is helpful to see clearly if that decision is based on anything external. If it is then wait. The outcome of a decision based on externals is always fragile. As nothing out there is of permanence.

Does that mean one must not take such decisions? No, certainly not.  One is many times  in a place where such choices have to be made. But what can keep one unperturbed is the knowledge that any outcome is possible as it is dependent on various factors which are not in one’s own control.

Letting go of a particular outcome can help to glide through difficulties or setbacks. Surrendering to the will of the Universe during such times is the only peaceful thing to do. As any number of outcomes is possibly great for one. But one is not willing to wait it out a bit. Impatient and hurry is a human disease!

This constant struggle to ‘make it alright’ by innumerable ways and means is exhausting and life sucking. The rational mind has only IFs and BUTs. One is left with very little energy to pay attention to that which is already present.

Some of us are born to follow the desires of the heart…but then follow them with detachment to any outcome. Some of us are born with a contented heart and stay put wherever life places them…but then don’t stop a loved one to follow his or her heart to new horizons.

A person like me walks with tremor in her heart. The uncertainties of the choices seems unbearable at times. But to not follow them is even more stagnating for me.

I am learning to accept this aspect of me. Taoism says live simply…don’t change cities, don’t change jobs, don’t change mates…just be content with life wherever you are…Taoism says “there will be opportunities..but so what?”….

I am learning to be content with my nature..that needs to move and also seeing that yes there are opportunities and SO WHAT if there are???

For a person like me it is good to have an anchor…and I am grateful that my children bring me to my center….but I am seeing how I also need to take off at times to learn a few new lessons of life!!!