A dear friend called me this afternoon from another city. He was in deep distress. He had left home and told me on the phone that he could not take it anymore and wished it would all end. He cried as he spoke. I listened helplessly from a far away city. I could only love him. I allowed him to speak and then asked him what would he prefer I did. Should I say something or remain silent? He said I could say what I felt. So I told him to stop everything and do nothing, nothing at all and just sit in the cave that was now caving in on him.

He wanted to ask a friend to speak to his wife. I asked him to write a letter to her sharing his honesty, at least that is what she deserved from him, if nothing more.

There comes a time when the heart is so full that it just wants to be wrenched of all the pain that the heart has borne since childhood or perhaps even before that. The only thing left in that moment is to let the heart take over its own process of emptying the mind of all demands and desires. It is the only thing left to do to allow the heart to go through the process of rebirth.

Giving birth to a new and fresh heart through the tears that flow through the eyes and the wailing through the throat is the purpose why we came out of the mother’s birth canal in the first place. There is no other way but to experience the contractions by breathing in and out and wait as long as it takes for the birthing to be over.

The feminine makes its presence felt through the body of a man…feel it with patience and love.

Scream with agony and pain..but keep breathing..

Nothing more one can do…nothing more..it will be over sooner or later….and the blood and gore and the fluids will be all worth it…