I look at my children as gifts which I keep unwrapping and wrapping back. I often get excited at not knowing how they shall turn out years from now. Sometimes they surprise me even the next day, the next week, the next month or the next moment.

To not know how it will all turn out is the space that I often grapple to be in. As my mind already knows only that which has already happened, it does not allow me to have a vision outside this box called the mind. And to dwell in the labyrinth of the mind’s stale memories is like running inside a maze that I have already cracked many times before. I tell myself, tired of playing the same game over and over again, “I need a new maze to find ways for reaching the centre.” And once I reach the centre I need to let go of that too.

My dear children show me how to stay excited with life. My children are like that eternal Jack in the Box, always managing to surprise me after I push them back in the same old box…

Parents who think they have it all figured out for their kids and stay attached to that plan…are in for huge, huge disappointments..hence it is nice to stay open with the plans held lightly.

I as a parent say to myself “Plan for the them but do not take the plan seriously.”

Let the Jack always surprise you!!!