The moment comes when all that was..and all that is and all that shall be, stops to create a stir in the heart. The whole of life is an exercise in fine tuning the radio frequency of the heart’s transmission to that unwavering wavelength.

Throughout life one is listening to different stations dishing out speeches, songs, chat shows, plays and news. One mistakes the different stations for reality and participates in them as radio jockeys.

One day the overload of the cacophony breaks the radio down.That day one rises to the occasion of being one’s own repair man. Taking out the intricate circuit and un-entangling the wires and chips. Spending concentrated time to understand the working of the circuit, the memory of each chip, each wire.

Bit by bit putting them all back together. Cleansed of dust and noise, the radio is back in function to now play the music of it’s own liking. The radio has now tuned in to a rhythmic vibration that is free flowing. It is now aware of the static that can interrupt the flow..and vigilant enough to quickly energize the static.

Letting the music of the Universe play through and through. The music of life, full of color and vibrancy. The radio can now play sad and happy songs with equal delight.