My sister and her two year old girl is staying with us this week. We sleep on floor mattresses. The children, my two and her one, and my sister and I, take part in a much awaited pillow fight, each night.

Last evening, my sister and I went to a pub to drink some beer and gossip. When we came back home the kids were ready with their weapons….pillows of all shapes and sizes.

After some intense fighting, I went in to my meditation cave for my night chanting. After which I came back to the mattresses. I was pleasantly surprised to find all the children and my sister settled in. My son, Ishaan very sweetly told me, “Mama please sleep soon, I am very sleepy”. My daughter Gourika, was almost asleep and so were their cousin sister Mini and my sister Chet.

Well I drank my glass of water and rested my sleepy head on the pillow and closed my eyes. I was suddenly attacked by all the blissful souls with a tickle attack. They all took turns at me!..The rascals had planned it all out when I was chanting my mantras. After ravishing me, we all collapsed exhausted on our pillows and passed into peaceful and joyous slumber. My dog Goldy also did not spare me. She also slept next to the mattress, to wake me up this morning with her wet tonge on my lips.

How sexy is that???