Can you live life as if you were a god or goddess sent to this realm to enact a play that was destined and scripted in another dimension?

I was reading Ramayana the other day. When I was a child stories of Ram often bored me to death as he stood out like this flawless guy who could never go wrong. Sita seemed like this pitiable woman who was treated like a door mat. Those were the days when I was a rebel without a cause…Today I see myself a little differently.

This time when I read Ram’s story, I understood something very deep and it has touched me so deeply that I needed to express by writing. I am not a Ram devotee or a Hindu fanatic. I am on a path to realize why things happen the way they do with me or others around me.

Ram is an incarnation of Vishnu as we most know. But to realize how he was born and chose the family of the Raghus so that he could finally reach Ravan, the king who had gone astray with pride and power, because of a boon granted to him by Brahma, was a deep revelation to me. The boon, as most boons granted without thought, had gone all wrong…

In that sense I felt for the first time a deep connection with Ram. He really had no choice. He was meant to go through all that he did as he and to play out his role in the divine plot that was written so that Brahma’s boon could be reversed and Ravan slayed.

I suddenly started to look deeply at my own troubles more lovingly and compassionately. Imagine a little boy born in the lap of luxury and loving parents thrown out into the harsh unprotected world of wilderness as a young man with a new bride and only his devoted brother by his side.

I am looking closely at the suffering, pain, fear, perils, hardships and separation and uncertainty that Ram, Sita and Lakshman went through to attain the glory that is worshipped by all of us.

It is easy to say..well he was god himself..but the question is knowing that he is god…he did not shy away from the extreme life that he was being asked to live.

I cannot sometimes stand a power cut. I am wondering how did a prince and a princess who lived in royalty faced such danger and difficulties for 14 long years.

When Sita first met is said that she felt a longing that she recognized from even before she was born. She did not know the man she saw with her eyes..but her heart recognized him. Ram told Lakshamn how his entire being was overcome with great emotions when he set his eyes on her and how the right side of his body started throbbing. In that magical recognition of the cosmic coupling they each made up their minds to be man and wife. It is written that Sita is the incarnation of Vishnu’s heavenly consort. The longing felt is of that memory in each of them.

Sita had no choice but to be the cause for Ram to reach Ravan..As that is how it was divinely planned. King Janak, Sita’s father is said to have been enlightened once while striding his horse. Sita chose her father so.

Sita was delicately brought up by her parents. But she chose to walk with Ram into the exile. She was the wife of a prince and king but had to raise her two boys in an ashram and she raised them well. After sons and father were reunited..her task was over on this realm and she went back to her source, the mother earth.

I am beginning to dwell more in the realization of their hardships to help me look at life newly and not so much at the final glory. For only by aligning with the purpose of my life which unfolds on its own, can glory come to me. But Glory is not the goal…the path is the
focus as we let go and walk.

I am learning to take solace in my own divinity, to see Ram and Sita in me. My hardships are nothing compared to what they went through to give me a lesson that life is as it is. Just walk and the path will unfold on it’s own. They teach me that joy and sorrow go hand in hand. That unions and separations are part of life. Death and birth happen all at the same time.

That we are all gods and goddesses incarnated as mortals to take part in an intricate divine play.