Hi folks, I am back to writing after a long time. My lap top has retired after years of hectic tapping! The new recruit is awaiting appointment after payment to my dear friend, who is procuring a good deal for me. In the meantime I am using my sister’s lap top as she has come over to stay with me for a few days.

I have been on a long hiatus from my blog, thinking I would take time off the internet. But that seemed like an impossible resolve to keep. I was never good at new year’s resolutions anyways..so what made me think I would be at this new resolve?

I have excuses for not being able to stick to my guns.  I have internet access on the iPad my kids use and the new phone that I use. It seemed there was no escape. Staying connected with my social network is like an addiction! Someone on my Facebook page wrote the other day that internet is an addiction one needs to rehabilitate oneself from. This same person makes at least 30 posts each day on Facebook and then keeps track of all the comments and Like buttons and then takes the effort and time to respond to comments and uses the Facebook to post enlightened insights. I also use the Facebook to display my wisdom!

I like Facebook  just as I like my red wine with a few close friends and good food. But is it an addiction? I have been exploring this subject within myself. I realized Facebook is an addiction not because of the contents that my friends share but because of the number of LIKE buttons that are pressed for what I write or ramble away!

Facebook helps to boost me up when I am feeling down in the dumps for reasons that are mundane and monotonous. Every Friday evening when I drive past the local wine and beer shop close to my house I see many men all tired, bored and disillusioned with their mundane and non-exciting lives, lining up for that boost with booze and some chicken legs fried in oil on the road side! They all look happy with the bottoms up!

I wondered are the thumbs ups on Facebook doing the same for me???

If the answer to that is yes then I am addicted to Facebook! And why not? Better a couple of  Thumbs Ups (an aerated drink that is popular in India) than booze!