The word unconventional is all warped…sorry..There has been much discussion on a Yahoo group that I am on…about unconventional relationships…

When people talk of unconventional relationships they are actually hiding and wanting to say “different than socially accepted sexual practices”…once at my dear  friend Hema’s place…she painted a picture of me…as I was reading…and sipping wine…it was quiet an erotic moment for me…I have a loving relationship with her..and no we are not having sex….but if I ever want a nude of mine I will ask her…it is safe…and also that moment when she painted me I felt like Rose from Titanic…..Unconventional relationship is not the same as unconventional sexual practices…and sex for sex sake is what people want…but they disguise it with the word relationship…..and it is the space and freedom I wish kids have when they start to explore sexuality…so that they can first have sex for sex sake only…and not feel obliged to commit to a relationship..because of conventions to have sex…that is when it all goes awry…..I feel strongly for young adults…who feel so unsafe and unsure to explore the joys of simple sex..whether with same sex or opposite or both…or even with themselves…and end up saying “I do” at the marriage alter. And then every night say “I don’t want to and don’t feel like it.”

And then we have 40 plus men and women wondering what hit them…and are still confused and angry with themselves and their spouses ex or current and parents and the society for not being able to still figure out what makes them tick or dangle!!! And that included me till very recently…I discovered at the ripe old age of 39 that I am straight and like to have sex with men. Better late than never. At least now I know. The practice is little tough now though! But then Buddha says ignorance causes suffering.. So at least now I can stop this suffering because I am no longer ignorant of my own sexual being.

Sexuality is a joyous expression of creativity….please don’t moralize it and turn it into perversion and oppression or an obsession.