“Can you look at your child so that their essence strikes you, intensely and immediately? Can you transmit love in your glance and feel love in return? We all have this ability. Just as you stand at the center of space and time, so do we stand at the center of love. There is nothing you need to do.. New vision comes from the awareness of who you are. When you renew your commitment to having new eyes, they will open…” —- Deepak Chopra.

Sunday morning. I woke up as always early to go for my walk with Goldy, our dog. This is a morning ritual I simply love and never ever get tired of. We meet our regular dog walkers. Dogs greet dogs and we humans greet each other.. There is always this loving affinity among dog lovers all over the world. The love just gets transmitted through a smile and a glance. We are all lovers every morning!

After which I come home and make my cup of tea and sit down to read my daily inspirational books or reply to the e-mails. Then I meditate. It comes quite naturally now…Needing no effort at all. After three years of rigorous practice! I have a wild and turbulent mind…it has not only monkeys..but also ferocious jungle animals like lions and tigers and also the gentle giant, elephants. But then they also go on rampage at times…Learning to sit with all my wild animals and also tamed ones!

The children wake up late and always call me loudly…”mama..mama..mama..” till I get into the room and hug them and play a bit of cuddly buddly…During which the morning rhythm of them is also being unplanned!

Today is a glorious sunny spring Sunday of February in New Delhi. The children quickly wash, and fill bottles of milk to feed some new born puppies in the neighborhood. The door bell rings and a bunch of kids, my children’s playmates, want to join Ishaan and Gourika in feeding the dogs.

So they all rush down. No breakfast. Not a worry in the whole world but the next best thing. I go to the terrace with Goldy and play bowling with an empty green coconut shell. The whole terrace becomes a bowling alley. I roll the shell and Goldy runs to catch it! During which I also have my breakfast of grapes.

Ishaan is all dressed up for a party that he is going to with his Dad…but he does not mind playing till his dad get here. So his clothes will be all soiled before the party. And his hair is like a rock star now..He refuses to go to the barber.

Gourika is now the “spread love among animals” crusader in the neighbourhood. Two years back she was afraid of dogs. And she does not want to go to any party but is content to go to a small and quiet lunch meet to a dear friend’s home with me. Her cardigan has most buttons missing. But hey that is last on the list!

Our earlier plan was to visit the doll museum in Delhi…but when she heard that even her little cousin sister is going to be at the luncheon meet..She dropped the dolls!

We do not live on a farm or some rural village or in a joint family. But my children carry all that in their heart!

I just read a mail by some dear ones who want to know what a typical day of an unschooler looks like. So I thought of writing this.

Dear ones this is how it looks today. But then tomorrow is another day!