Yesterday the kids wanted to bake cakes. So I took out all the ingredients and placed a bowl each for the two kids. Then I measured each ingredient and they mixed the stuff.

We really enjoyed ourselves. Then we placed the mixtures in the baking dishes and put them in the oven. The kids started playing their games when suddenly I realised that I had forgotten to add the most important ingredient and that is baking powder!

I open the oven to check and rightly so the mixture was all flat and hard!

I was sensing anger and disappointment rising form within me. And then I was watching how that anger and disappointment was taking a turn towards myself and the kids. I stopped. Called my kids to the kitchen and told them…”Hey kids mama has made a mistake. I forgot to give the baking powder to you guys.”

They were so sad and also feeling bad…I quickly took out the trays from the oven. Discarded it all. And washed the mixing bowls and took out the ingredients again and started making it all over again.

The turning point of my choice made me peaceful and the kids happy.

My daughter asked…”mama aren’t you upset that you made a mistake.”

I was so relieved to realise that I did not. I told her, “Mistake is just another opportunity to love myself and you all. It is just another opportunity to check my ingredients. Mistake is not a mistake but another chance to be creative with life.”

We then talked about the pigeons which relentlessly tried to make a nest at our window. And how my mom would take a broom and clean it up each time. Once my mom was away for three months and the pigeons uninterruptedly made their beautiful nest, exactly at the same spot! The kids were fortunate to watch the bird lay her eggs and witness the hatching of the chicks.

Soon enough my mom was back and she took a broom and cleaned it up! The chicks had flown the nest!!!

Mistake is life’s way of saying….ADD A FEW MORE SPICES OR TAKE AWAY SOME!

In life there are no mistakes just alternatives!