“What we really heal when we are intimate with someone is our relationship with our own self.” – Deepak Chopra.

To look at and focus on what is springing from within me in relationship to another is always without fail about my own stuff…some suppressed some avoided and some denied.

Seeing them without judgement and patience and love…will show the way…Actually speaking the truth about my self is the most difficult thing to do since there is so much self righteousness ingrained form childhood. A childhood that is sadly always trying to fit into an adult world that is not sensitive enough.

Observe and watch the children if you are a parent without allowing your limited judging mind to come in the way…it takes patience and time…but once you get the hang of it..watch the children blossom into beautifully unique beings…Be the natural gardener for the garden like the Universe itself. Let us not weed out anything.

When I read about natural farming…I see how similar it is with being with children. The weeds are collected and used back into the soil as nourishment. Life is also about gathering the weeds and sending them back to the source..that is the self.

In being with the children this way we can ensure that they have a healthy sense of relationship with themselves and are able to trust their own intuitions and inner calling. A self which honours the weeds and the blooms equally.