In the beginning, reality of life came down from the sky like a broken mirror. Each part showed the reality of life…..From Jallalduddin Rumi’s book Masnavi.

Today I was delighted and as always stunned and blessed by the signs and symbols that the Universe is strewing to show the Path….and how it benevolently and mysteriously is nudging me to keep walking…..

I took the children to watch a puppet show as part of the Ishara Puppet Festival, that is now an annual event in Delhi. Puppeteers from all over the world converge to present some of the most mesmerizing tales of humanity from different cultures and traditions.

Today’s puppet theater was from Iran, a country that almost always does not stop fascinating. A country that has so much up its sleeves and the women of this country have so much to show from behind the veils they wear…They are not only beautiful but also extremely talented.

The show was performed and directed by an all-women crew. The puppeteers were dressed in spotless white dervish kind of clothes which swirled when they danced. With their beautiful long fingers they played the puppets using white sheets, brown sheets and green sheets for sky, snow, dessert and grass and little greed wooden/stone masks as puppets.

It was called:

THE EARTH AND THE UNIVERSE ( I am still quiet moist in my heart)

Seven stories of life, faith, freedom, miracles and biblical characters from the beloved Sufi poet, Rumi!

Four of the seven stories touched me most..perhaps because it speaks of the many  realities that I have experienced and lived, as I too am a broken mirror from the whole mirror that came down to earth.

One is about a votary who is searching for something with a bright candle in broad daylight. When people in the market ask him what he is looking for, he tells them for a man…

So people tell him but this place is full of men. So he says “I am looking for a man who could control his anger and lust. You see I am looking for a real human being.” ( I have struggled with both in me).

The next one  made me cry. It was about a beautiful peacock who was sure that all his troubles of being hunted for his feathers was because of his beauty so he himself plucked all his feathers and made himself ugly thinking this would protect him from danger….( Isn’t his what we all do to ourselves with fear)

The story of a parrot who was caged by a rich merchant is the story of freedom. The parrot requests the merchant to take him to India so that he can tell the Indian parrots that he was caged there. The merchant gives the Indian parrots his message and on hearing this one Indian parrot drops dead from a tree. Seeing this the parrot in the cage feigns death. On seeing the parrot dead, the merchant throws him out of the cage. Rumi says “Sometimes you have to die for your freedom.”!! (For the free Self to emerge the old imprisoned ‘I’ has to die)

The last story was about Moses. Moses heard a shepherd praying to God in his common language. The shepherd was saying “Where are you my God? I wish to wash your clothes, comb your hair and remove lice from it. I sacrifice my goats for you. My day passes with only you in my mind.”

Hearing this Moses is angry with the shepherd and tells him how dare he speak to God as if He were human. The shepherd is sad and upset and wanders off into the desert and his sheep get lost. God is angry with Moses and tells him..”You have separated my creature from me, I listen to people’s hearts and not what they say to me. My people can pray to me only through their unique inner voice and love is all that matters.”

Moses finds the shepherd and humbly apologizes to him. (find your unique way to communicate with spirit, each is different)


When one is waking up..the whole of existence starts to speak to you intimately…be quiet and alert and listen with all of your being. Life is truly beautiful even when it seems it is not.