“The soul that learns to be with itself finds God” Sri Aurobindo..

Today as I was sitting in the beautiful balcony of my sister’s home..basking in the glorious Delhi winter sun..overlooking a vast green area…my eyes fell on a book mark that was lying on a table. I picked it up and it had the quote above…

This November I was in Auroville and Pondichery..

I have looked for that in all that was outside…came back each time tired and exhausted and disappointed..Till one day I realised that this cannot go on anymore..and I must look for something that is always present and cannot be taken away.

The man, the woman, the child, the creativity, love, joy, abundance all of it had to be somewhere that was not transient….

I see how important it is to be constantly in touch with that place which is always silent and at peace and radiant with well being…

I needed to be all that I seek outside….

My children are learning to be in their own company through unschooling…I see the synergy in my choices and the life that I am being asked to live..

Like Osho says…”It is the flight of the alone to alone..”

Each lifetime is taking you an inch closer to THAT which is not Transient…willingly participate deeply in the game..to get closer to the Real Thing…