“Agar dill mein apne betaabiya leke jee chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum..nazar mein khwabo ki bijliya leke chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum……har ek lamhe se milo tum khule apne baahen…jo apni akhon main hairaniya leke chal rahe ho to zinda ho tum” – Javed Akhtar….

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Visionaries pay the price of perpetually living in uncertainty…because a vision is like the fragrance of wet earth when it rains…it is now here now gone….One can only hold it close to ones heart and let the Universe manifest it in ways that are mysterious….yet the visionary knows when it is manifesting….it is like the laughter you and I share often….it is pure joy when we are laughing together…the vision comes true for that moment…. There are many such moments with my children when I know I am on the right path…. But soon there is uncertainty again…..not for the weak of heart…there is now no script before hand…..Even when it gets heart wrenching tough..one goes on….HEAL AND HAIL THE HEART!

Keep walking on..run if you have to…there is nothing to fear…love the fears..also when they arise!