“Love knows that you exist and cares for your existence.

Timeless spirit can touch you in this world of time.

With a new birth of the heart, you will see a new world.

Love is never old but renews itself with every lover.

Flesh and spirit can share in the same delights.

All people are innocent in the light of love.”

——Deepak Chopra (my guru from a distant)

A few days ago on a cold winter Delhi evening, I decided to take a break after completing some editing assignments. I felt like treating myself to a candle lit evening. So in absence of a fire place to warm me up, I switched on the blower near my feet, switched off all the lights and lit a few candles. I made myself comfortable in my favorite couch and tucked a cushion into the small of my back that was tired after sitting at the lap top for straight two days…

As I closed my eyes and felt my own presence, my son and daughter who had gone out with their dad for the weekend came home. They were thrilled to see the candles. My daughter lit a lamp with jasmine oil and my son got the blanket. They sat close to me and covered me and themselves with the blanket!

Then my son wanted to count from 1 to 60. Something that is now interesting him a lot. So we did that orally. My daughter sang a few of her favorite songs. I was suddenly overwhelmed by an immense feeling of expansion in my heart region. And I embraced my children as the flame of the candles danced to our waltz. If anyone knows what is erotic and ecstasy then that was the moment for me.

And softly with a smile and tear drops in my eyes, I remembered the feeling from another time when with another lover I was listening to Kabir by Abida Parveen with candles lit in a room near the Ganges.

Love is eternally present and lovers have many faces.

Let love’s light warm your hearts….