My son and I have been building monument and tall towers of the world. That is his latest passion. Our home is now a museum of famous architecture from all over the world. He is 5 and his knowledge is immense. Not to boast. But he learnt most of it by just asking questions to me all the time and looking at pictures on internet and from movies. I did not teach him to write one to ten. He has started writing on his own. The other day he drew two ships from the TV while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. On one he wrote 650 and on another 150. He held the one with 650 and went right upto the door and said this is so old and then held the one with 150 on it and came closer to me and mid point in the room and said this is newer….I never taught him that 150 is less than 650….This is how we allow learning without school.

My daughter is fascinated with Bangla music and Bangla films these days. She is watching a lot of Bangla TV too. She is learning to sing Bangla songs from watching them on YouTube. Her language, diction in her mother tongue is getting better. She listens a lot to music on the iPad. And has a keen interest in films. She learns badminton and tennis for now. She requested I teach her German language, a language in which I have expertise.  So we have begun in small ways. My son has asked me to go learn French so that I can teach them both French. I think I shall take this option. I too love languages.

The other day my children placed all their toys in one room and made a museum. Trains on one table, aircrafts on one, cars on one, dinosaurs on one, monument and buildings on one. And then I was taken on a tour of the museum and shown vintage cars, old steam engines form the British era, aircraft from different wars, a section on natural history with dinosaurs and countries of the world too!