Recently a much younger new friend was very upset since he had a heartbreak..and then there are so many of my other friends who had to go through painful divorces after being married for more than a decade. I am starting a series of posts dedicated to all those who have been through pain of loosing a loved one either through break ups, divorces, evolutionary growth or even death.

When I was 12 years old I fell in love with a boy who was 15.  I was in a school were girls attended the morning shift and boys the afternoon shift. So the only way we could see each other was during the time when our shift ended and I walked to the school bus. He would diligently wait every day near the gate to have a glance of me and I would smile at him. One day we managed to exchange phone numbers through a common friend. And then on kept in touch through phone on days school was off. But what we still enjoyed the most was the short glimpses of each other that we stole each day at the school gate.

Then one day I changed schools and moved to another bigger school, which everyone claimed would be good for my future. I was a bright student and so even I thought it right. My friend and I could not say goodbye to each other since after the vacations I had changed schools. He called me once on the phone and I told him how I had changed schools.

I got busy with new friends and the new amazing school and slowly the old love started to fade away from memory. One day after a few months, as I returned from school I found him waiting for me below my apartment building. My heart started to pound!! I reached out for him as he looked sad and ignored. But I had moved on in life (not with another boy), just in focus. So I touched his face and said “I love you but I have to go.” And I walked into the elevator and went home. He stood there for a long time.

I got busy with school, dance, music, art and new friends.

Many years later when I was 18 and was travelling back to New Delhi to attend college there from Dubai, where my parents lived, I was pleasantly surprised. I was shopping at the Dubai Duty Free and a lady shop assistance came up to me and asked me, “Are you Dola?” I was taken aback. I said hesitantly, “Yes I am. But how do you know my name?” She gave me a slab of chocolate and told me to look at a smartly dressed man standing near the counter in another store and said, “This is a gift from him and he is Rajesh and says you knew him in school!”

I smiled at my old love and my eyes filled with tears of gratitude towards him for not having stopped loving me…I went to college that year a very happy and pleased woman. Of course I soon fell in love again!!