Some insights…

1. Always watch and observe your own motivation behind any action or thought. The result of that action will depend on the motivation.

2. The inner voice speaks most honestly and it is not always pleasant to hear of one’s own games of deceptions.

3. The inner voice is always waiting for you to listen to it. Be quiet. shhhhh.

4. Life is a challenge. Not always a bed of roses. Love the thorns too. The roses smell better on plants with more thorns!

5. Never ask for smooth sailing ask for good and strong sails and an accurate internal compass.

6. The outer always, remember always reflects the inner. You are what you see, hear, smell, touch and experience. How empowering is that? WOW!

7. Fear is the mind’s way of keeping you in the same bloody rut. Speak to the fear and reassure it. It just needs your gentle love and care.

8. If your are a mother your children need you the most. If you are a father your children need you the most. The rest is external stimulation and an illusion. Negate it.

9. Counter and condemn the act of violence, abuse, alcoholism, sexual crimes with love in your heart for the perpetrator. Remember the action is wrong not the person. Make that distinction. Not raising your voice is not an act of peace but an act of not caring for the well being of the other and yourself and those dependent on you.

10. And for all my women friends, be ready to renounce all that is holding you from countering violence, abuse, alcoholism, sexual crimes. Don’t worry all that you really need will be provided from some source or the other.  Don’t keep quiet, do it for your sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. Please….