I first signed up on Facebook because I was looking for a friend (read boyfriend) I had in school. When I found him I was really happy. We shared a few exchanges for while and then even spoke on the phone. Then it withered away. But through Facebook I connected with some of my other dear friends form school and college.

But I often found the connections unsustainable since our lives were so different and we had not met for so many years and where in different parts of the world doing different things.

My life in the meantime took several twists and turns and I started to reconnect with myself and the real me. I embarked on a journey to be more and more real, and as I did that, many things in the periphery of my life started to change drastically. There has been tremendous chaos for a long time in my life. Transformational coaches like to call it the transformational chaos.!

During this time many old friends went away from my life and new ones entered. A whole new way of life, new perspectives, new ideologies, new dreams! I slowly became more active on Facebook. And at one point I woke up from my transformational chaos and realized that almost 50% of my Facebook friends were in the ‘business of transformation’.

Some call themselves executive coaches, some facilitators, some life coaches, some are healers, some are Masters, some are running spiritual foundations, some are making road trips to ‘awaken’ a critical mass to higher consciousness.

Then there are the bloggers like me. Some are great at posting one snippet insights. Some even like to post when they are sleeply, drowsy, hungry, tired, busy, travelling etc.

Many love to share videos, music, quotes. And many just like to ‘like’ what the critical mass post.

Now suddenly there is a lull in my life, the transformation process is resting from a lot of churning and chaos, and I am looking at a lot of post on ‘LOVE’. And I am a little amused by the amount of post being made on ‘transcendental love’. Love that is of highest nature, unconditional, pure, etc etc….And yet all I am ‘reading’ are people who want to say ‘I am really lonely, will you come to bed and make love to me.” “I am alone this evening with no one to share a candle light dinner, will you stay a little longer and hold my hand. “I am divorced and my spouse is a bully and my partner has found another to love, who will stay with me when I am sick and old.” “I am a single mom with two children, a single dad who cannot spend much time with my daughter, I am a mom but my boyfriend won’t like it if my daughter stayed with me so she is with her grandmom.” “I am old and my wife and beloved is dead and my children are abroad, I cannot walk too far or drive to be with friends who are also old and feeble.”

I am reading, “I am single young adult who wants to explore my sexuality and body and I am afraid there are no safe places for me to do so, the society is judgmental. I don’t want to be committed but just want to enjoy and explore.”

I am awake and I see people only posting ‘profound Truths.” How about children, cooking, cleaning, taking care of family, car wash, breaking down emotionally, being vulnerable, being angry, sad, jealous, envious, lonely, weak, strong, horny, sexy, fearful…..Where is the mundane Truth….Where are the Real people gone?