The mirror reversal…is a phenomenon that happens when you no longer attract similar people to your lives. Know then that some parts of you have healed and now that healed part is giving out energy which can heal those who need it most. It is good to be a little alert and aware though since, if it is a person of the opposite sex this attraction might get mistaken as romantic love or sexual desire.

Nothing wrong in that if one is single and so is the other and one is willing to explore healing through a love affair. But chances of that person leaving you once healed are greater. That is a fear that one must walk through if you can see your purpose with clarity. But many times it can be the start of a spiritual relationship based on true love and spirit connection. This kind of relationship can uplift many others in by simply being in love.

Once it happened to me. I spoke at a gathering. I don’t think I said anything significant or perhaps I did. But what followed was amazing. There was this woman, who I had met for the first time. She was the facilitator at this gathering. The whole day she was professional and aloof. But after my talk which did not even have anything to do with healing, she came up to me and simply started pouring out her soul and wounds and deep anguish that she was struggling with since childhood due to being a victim of sexual abuse.

That night she shared the room with me and talked to me till four in the morning. I was amazed and also grateful that she could trust me with such intimate details of her life. Her childhood, her love life, her struggles with men, her deepest fears and addictions etc.

After I left that city for home, as I was in the train, a close friend of mine called up to say that she was almost certain that she was probably abused my someone close to her as a child and how that always came in the way of her finding wholesomeness in marriage and how she often got drawn to other men.

Both these women have after that healed themselves considerably. One of them soon afterwards had been to USA and she chanced upon a energy healer who miraculously healed her of her wounds. She was passing through Delhi once and made it a point to come and meet me to say thank you because she was certain that night when she sat up talking to me opened some door in her….which allowed this energy healer to come into her life.

All this happened because I had by then already healed myself of child sexual abuse….

The sole purpose of life is to heal ourselves and then let that healing touch others who need it. One has to just be…the healing happens on its own. Know that every human being is in your life to either heal you or be healed herself or himself. Do not let this opportunity open to love when it comes knocking.