The other day a man I call my friend text me to say this:

“For each day of delay in action you are postponing your freedom and prolonging it for ever. Nothing can be more important than the freedom you were born with. So get up and start now. I am waiting to take you down the path of promised land of freedom if you are ready to embark.”

Now since this came from a friend who calls himself a Transformational Coach and ‘a spiritually awakened person’, and knows the ‘key’ to your heart, and since I am a ‘foolish seeker’, I took it seriously and responded by texting back..”I am ready tell me what I need to do.”

What happened after that is interesting and amusing. I get a call from another friend who runs this outfit which hires healers and teachers to enlighten and heal people. He says, ‘we have a wellness plan and perhaps you can be a part of it.”

I in my ambitious frame of mind said yesss…He called me to his office-cum-residence for a meeting. Before I went there I called my first friend and asked him to give me a clue atleast…to which he said “it is about breaking free from institutionalised set up, relationships etc and allowing the individual to prevail.”

Now that was the sure bait..I am currently a single woman, who unschools her children and is thinking of moving out of my parents place and starting on my own. What more can you ask for when it comes to leaving institutions behind…hahahahah. And then he says, “listen with love and attention.”

Now I land up at this office-cum-residence and it is a beautiful house embellished and garnished with every symbol of divinity that one can think of. Expensive Tankha paintings, large sized Buddha statues, Ganesha, lamas, and a study full of spiritual books from all over the world and self help books written by every known author. The walls of the rooms had paintings and pictures of Osho and every book on Osho discourses and a collection of divine music. There was an easel which he said his wife uses to paint. She is a business woman.

I am treated to tea and cookies. By then my strong intuition is telling me this is not about wellness practices but about direct marketing session. Simply because my ex-husband has been working in one of the largest direct selling companies of the world.

And guess what I was right! So I patted myself for my intuition. Then I was pissed off for a split second, when I looked up and a Osho book stared at me, “Take it really seriously.” Now this book I had not read so I took the cover message seriously enough and I focussed on the presentation with an open mind.

Now this is one practice I do now with every experience that is coming my way. Because I know there is something to be learnt about myself from it. So I stayed alert and aware for messages that were meant only for me.

The presentation was typical of all such presentations…except I knew what the systems were since years back when I was a business journalist I attended each and every press conference of these companies when they were making their entry into India.  And also curtsy my husband.

The product was interesting, almost magical. It was a bio-mimicry product. You can look it up on the net. Basically a product that mimics a natural phenomenon and uses technology to bring it home to you in a nutshell.

The friend was kind, patient and subtly keen to enrol me. Then he showed me talks by two of their top line women leaders. Both apparently according to my friend were ‘single women with kids and no support and out on the street’ before they found this company and became rich and financially free. WOW!

The women touched my heart anyways with their moving speeches that surely came from deep life experiences. I even cried when one woman said she did it for her children. To that the friend said, “you really have no choice but to take charge of your life and start earning.” I  again looked up at the books and one said “Connect the dots” and at another below that “I have a dream”.

I thanked my friend for the meeting and said I would get back with my answer. Since the money needed to join also I do not have and also whether I really wanted to do this or not, I wasn’t sure of. Or what were the REAL messages for me.

Just before leaving I asked him what is that book “Take it really seriously’ by Osho all about. He said, “it is a collection of his jokes.” And I laughed at myself and life….

It has been three days since that meeting and here are the messages that came to me as I stayed with that experience…

1. Life is a joke don’t take it seriously.

2. All my life is about connecting the dots.

3. And these dots I need to pay second attention to if I want to manifest my dream.

4. And the man in my marriage of 15 years that I left for now is in DIRECT MARKETING INDUSTRY.

5. I am still a sucker and need to further work on myself.

6 That my intuition is getting stronger and clearer….Yippee.

7. Another illusion of lovers and people who are ‘really concerned’ crumbles.

8. And that I do not want to be in direct marketing.

9. I really must take charge of my life and not rely on anyone else for my well being.

Lessons learnt..time to move on….

Love to all….even to those who cannot help doing what they did to me…..May God bless them.